Tom Cooper, CFP

Investment Adviser Representative

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Tom Cooper's ADV2b

"People that work with a CFP professional typically do better especially when the going gets tough"   - Tom Cooper, CFP

A real financial plan addresses and facilitates many strategies and personal financial objectives, including::

  • Risk Management
  • Cash flow
  • Healthcare
  • Asset Management
  • Tax Management
  • Business Transitioning
  • Retirement Accumulation,   
  • Estate preservation, and much more.

So far, in his career, Tom has helped over 450 families around the United States in his position as a CFP to help clients reach their financial goals. Tom works with his team of professionals to be responsive, and in the best interests of his clients.

Phone (239) 593-5525
Fax (239) 593 9731
Mobile Phone (352) 857-7273