Retirement Plan Services

Our consulting services to corporate retirement plan clients, that may include: 

  • Plan analysis, design, and solution modeling;
  • Conduct and present a comparative analysis of the services and fees of multiple service providers;
  • Assist with the creation and ongoing implementation of an Investment Policy Statement for the Plan;
  • Conduct a regular and ongoing analysis and evaluation of the Plan investments per the terms of the plan’s Investment Policy Statement;
  • Propose the removal and replacement of investment alternatives as needed per the terms of the retirement plan ’s Investment Policy Statement;
  • Serve as co-fiduciary with regard to ERISA requirements related to investment manager selection and monitoring; and
  • Provide comprehensive education and consulting to participants.

We also provide corporate retirement plan clients  a choice of ASSET-BASED or FLAT- FEE (both are no commission) consulting and fiduciary services on: 

  • 401(k)’s;Retirement Plan
  • 403(b)’s;
  • IRAs and IRA Rollovers;
  • Profit-sharing;
  • Defined benefit (pension);
  • SEP’s, SAR SEP’s, KEOGH’s;
  • Self-employed 401(k)’s;
  • SIMPLE 401(k)’s;
  • Executive bonus arrangements; and
  • Deferred compensation plan, including 457 plans Roth IRAs.