Adam Waszkowski, CFA

Senior Portfolio Manager

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Adam Waszkowski, CFA manages a series of risk-based portfolios consisting of primarily ETF (Exchange Traded Fund) securities.

Managed ETF Core Portfolios are risk-based actively managed multi-asset class ETF portfolios.  Based upon clients’ Risk Profile (from Conservative up through Aggressive) each portfolio is designed and managed to achieve client goals within their risk tolerance. 

The Asset Class Mix is derived from the Risk Profile of each client and rebalanced on an ongoing basis as market prices change (as opposed to quarterly or annually) enabling the manager to take advantage of, and guard against short term price fluctuations.

Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) are used to gain exposure to different asset classes in a cost-effective and broad based manner.   ETFs typically have very low internal expenses compared to mutual funds; are transparent as their holdings change rarely which leads to greater tax efficiency versus mutual funds.

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